Surgery Center
LoAnn VandeLeest, CEO, NW Michigan Surgery Center

Business Continuity Planning
Arlin Sorensen, Founder, HTG Peer Groups

Cloud Service
Paul Magelli, CEO, Apervita

Security & Compliance Software
Michael Mittel, President, RapidFire Tools


"Thanks to your education we recognized this phishing email as fraud and prevented it!"

Jason Laing
CEO, The Care Team


"Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation! I was so glad you got to see a rocket launched. I wanted you to know, you received many excellent reviews on your presentation from the survey results that have come in. I hope to see you at one of my conferences in the future."

NASA Conference Manager
Kennedy Space Center, FL


"Mike Semel created and tested an extensive business continuity/pandemic response plan for our credit union, which has almost 180,000 members, 25 branches across Long Island, and over $ 4 billion in assets. Mike visited us and interviewed department managers, reviewed our technical infrastructure, and spoke with our county emergency management office and health department. He then mapped the plan to our NCUA compliance requirements in a report that was approved by our Board of Directors. We were happy with the results of this engagement and recommend Semel Consulting for similar projects."

Gary Jendras
Vice President, Internal Audit, Bethpage Federal Credit Union


“Semel Consulting has helped our pulmonary practice quickly remediate gaps in our HIPAA compliance program. Semel’s HIPAA SOS (Security Officer Services) provided us with written policies and procedures, helps us manage a compliant environment, and continues to offer expert guidance. I can (and do!) call whenever I have a question, and I appreciate the quick response and personal attention. Our practice now has peace of mind that we have a sustainable HIPAA program, and not just some documentation that sits on a shelf.”

Sonya Kohl
Practice Administrator, Pulmonary Associates
Las Vegas, NV

"Semel Consulting was recommended to Ocean Psychiatric to help us with the special compliance and confidentiality needs for a psychiatric practice. They understand psychiatry and helped us identify areas that needed improvement. We are relying on their help to provide better care to our patients.”

Leila Person
Practice Administrator, Ocean Psychiatric
Virginia Beach, VA

“During my tenure as the CEO of Schuyler Hospital I hired Mike in a consulting capacity to be the CIO. Over a two year time frame Mike was able to help us bring the hospital's IT infrastructure up to date. In addition he brought us into HIPAA compliance. IT down time was reduced to zero and IT operating costs were reduced by 30%. Mike is a true IT expert and I recommend him without reservation to anyone in need of IT assistance and/or regulatory compliance.”

Donald Lewis
Senior Manager of Rural Health Care, USAC
Washington, DC


“I think your approach- putting security before compliance- is the best way to proceed because HIPAA compliance agreements are only liability documents if patient information security is not established and maintained.”

Michael Flanagan
Attorney At Law
Washington, DC


"While developing our innovative self-service health analytics platform it was suggested we engage with Semel Consulting. Semel helped us apply HIPAA to our cloud services, and advised on protecting our company against security incidents caused by users of our platform. We appreciate Semel’s approach which was to help us improve our security and business practices and also provide better value to our customers."

Paul Magelli
CEO, Apervita


“Thank you for your guidance in helping us earn the CompTIA Security Trustmark. Without your help this task would have been daunting. We are very appreciative of your efforts and recommend you to others who are considering using your services.”

Brad Kowerchuk
Bralin Technology Solutions
North Battleford, SK Canada

“You did a great job on the CompTIA Security Trustmark training. I just returned from HTG yesterday and I told all my peers to take the next training you offer.”

Robert Kyslinger
Houston, TX

“I appreciate your very comprehensive approach to helping me earn the Security Trustmark. I’m confident that without your guidance, materials, and weekly coaching sessions, I would not have succeeded. I found the planning documents and templates very valuable and can’t imagine trying to pursue the Trustmark without those tools. Thanks for helping make it happen for us! ”

Jeff Dettloff
Providence Consulting
Lansing, MI


“RapidFire Tools was honored and thrilled to be picked by CRN (Computer Reseller News) as the #1 Coolest Managed Services Offering of 2014 for our HIPAA Compliance Module. The truth is that we could not have developed the software without the input, guidance and expertise of Semel Consulting.”

Michael Mittel
President, RapidFire Tools, Inc.


"I am amazed at how fast Semel Consulting was able to help us build a HIPAA compliance program. Because Mike was an MSP, he was able to take the confusing HIPAA requirements and directly connect them with the specific products and services we offer. He knew our state data breach laws and compliance requirements for other industries beyond healthcare, and taught us to leverage our investment in compliance to get more business. Mike is truly an expert in HIPAA. He provided valuable consulting advice for our MSP firm. We love talking with Semel Consulting because they understand what an MSP does and what our needs are. I would highly recommend Semel Consulting to assist you with all your HIPAA compliance needs."

Shawn Ruhl
CTO, vTech io
Naples, FL

"Mike Semel is my ideal of the ultimate IT security professional. For over 2 years we have collaborated as members in the CompTIA healthcare IT community which I chair and the CompTIA information security community which he chairs. His knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for sharing what he knows, helping other professionals develop their competencies and capabilities in the "black art" of info sec and his willingness to guide me through the twisted jungle of HIPAA, HITECH and Meaningful Use Security Risk Analysis regulations has been nothing short of remarkable. If you have the opportunity to work with Mike, don't hesitate...he's that great. He's been at the top of my short list of go-to guys for the last 3 years and you'd be lucky to have him on your short list as well.”

Chris Johnson
Healthcare IT Community Chair, CompTIA

"Mike was hired to help educate our community of IT providers on both compliance and security issues surrounding HIPAA. Beyond the working knowledge that Mike has obtained over the years, his ability to connect to our audience by wrapping his unique personality and humor into the conversation made it all work that much more.”

Jerry Koutavas
President, ASCII Group

“I think the session was perfect.”

Matthew Drinkwine
Infinity Network Solutions
Macon, GA

“This workshop was the most value I got out of the conference. Thank you.”

Josh Oakes
New England Network Services
Woburn, MA

“The workshop was great! We have some work ahead of us, but the workshop helped jumpstart this process.”

Chad Perrier
Universal Data
New Orleans, LA

“Thank you for a great series of webinars and supporting information. The investment was well worth it,and your knowledge (and ability to effectively deliver it) quite impressive.”

Evan Berk
Certus Technologies
Fairfield, NJ

“This course was a great investment. The time we will save in policy development and research will pay for the class many times over.”

Michael Williams
Portland, ME

“This was by far one of the most comprehensive, yet easy to understand training seminars I’ve attended. You also had fantastic answers to questions I’ve had for years concerning my responsibilities as a Business Associate.”

Angel Rojas
Brandon, FL

“This helps make sense of the volumes of info out there.”

Scott Samborn
Vantage Point Solutions Group
Rockville, MD

“It was much easier to have you tell me the things that I need to know than it would have been to figure it out myself.”

Linda Lynch
KI Technology
East Lansing, MI

"Thanks for being such a good partner for us IT service providers. We need guys like you... I have continued to tout you folks to both the HTG and Robin Robins peer groups I am in. You folks are A-1."

Tim Gillen
Terrapin Networks
Traverse City, MI

"Great presentation today and that probably has to be the best money I’ve spent on any education since I started doing this. You really know your stuff and how to teach it too."

Eric Rieger
WEBIT Services, Inc.
Aurora, IL

"We’ve been spending so much time trying to weed through what all of this means for us as a corporation and our clients, your service seems like an oasis on a desert."

Sal Sciandra
SK Technology Group, Inc.
Pittston, PA