The 90-day reporting period for EHR Meaningful Use is winding down. The reporting period ends December 31, 2012, and Medicare Eligible Professionals have until February 28, 2013 to submit their attestation for payment. THIS MEANS YOU MUST CORRECT ALL DEFICIENCIES BEFORE DECEMBER 31, EVEN THOUGH YOU HAVE UNTIL FEBRUARY TO SUBMIT YOUR ATTESTATION.

Core Measure 15 Attestation Requirements

Eligible professionals (EPs) must attest YES to having conducted or reviewed a security risk analysis in accordance with the requirements under 45 CFR 164.308(a)(1) and implemented security updates as necessary and corrected identified security deficiencies prior to or during the EHR reporting period to meet this measure.

Our HIPAA SOS program can help you quickly implement a compliance program to correct any deficiencies. We will provide you with written policies and procedures, and work with your compliance and IT staffs to make necessary changes before December 31, 2012.

Be absolutely sure you are in compliance before signing your attestation. CMS is auditing Meaningful Use attestations and will prosecute any fraudulent submissions using the federal False Claims Act.

Contact us now before missing the deadling.