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Business Continuity

Do you have a Disaster Plan?

A Disaster Plan for You, Your Family, and Your Business Health care organizations need HIPAA disaster plans to comply with regulations and also because it is smart business. While disasters can happen anywhere and […]

Will Shadow IT Kill Your Business?

Are your employees unsecurely sharing critical files? Are they making their own IT decisions? Do you even know what is really going on? What can you do to stop it […]

Survive the Death or Sudden Loss of a Key Employee

by Mike Semel When someone says ‘disaster; our mind jumps to an image of a tornado or hurricane. However, one of the sad realities in your business life may be […]

2013 Disaster Checklist

Hurricane Season is starting. We see news about tornadoes in the Heartland and wildfires in California. Is your family prepared? How about your business?  Please share this with your family […]

7 Reasons Why Business Continuity Plans Fail: Avoid the Pitfalls

  Here are a few reasons why business continuity plans fail, and how to avoid them. 1.     Unrealistic Expectations Many plans are created expecting that power, cell phones, phone lines, […]

Just add sun.

Solar batteries to charge your phone… laptop…medical devices… or run a full-size fridge, freezer, or washer/dryer during a power outage At the recent Consumer Electronics Show, I saw new innovative […]

SuperStorm Sandy Lessons Learned

Cleanup from SuperStorm Sandy is still taking place, but here are a few lessons that have already been learned by those who experienced the storm. Personal safety is always number […]

Risk Assessment in Practice: new ERM thought paper

Recognizing the evolving nature of enterprise risk management (ERM) in recent years, COSO has released a new thought paper entitled ‘Risk Assessment in Practice’. Authored by representatives from Deloitte, this […]

Federal Communications Commission reports that generator fuel supply is becoming a critical issue for business continuity post-Sandy

The US Federal Communications Commission has warned that business continuity strategies of communications companies in areas of the north eastern United States most impacted by Hurricane Sandy are in jeopardy […]