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Doc, HIPAA Compliance is Part of My Health Care

Why Doctors Should Care About HIPAA Compliance Every day I talk with doctors (or others who talk with doctors) and am told that HIPAA compliance is an unnecessary expense, proof […]

When is a Lawyer or Accountant a HIPAA Business Associate?

HIPAA Business Associate Role is Based on Services The question about a lawyer or an accountant being a HIPAA Business Associate is directly related to several sections of the HIPAA Security Ruleframework to protect […]

5 Steps for Staying HIPAA Compliant

Being HIPAA Compliant is a Journey So, September 23, 2013, the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule Enforcement Deadline, has come and gone, and you – the HIPAA Security Officer— are sitting back feeling […]

Huge HIPAA Data Breach & 2014 Audits

Avoid a Costly HIPAA Data Breach with a Risk Analysis Do you think that HIPAA is just some annoying and expensive government intrusion without any cause? Do you think that […]

HIPAA Business Associate Avoidance and Google Update

Yes you are a HIPAA Business Associate! It’s what the law says that counts! HIPAA Business Associate Avoidance The HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule (see page 5572) was announced in January, 9 months ago, […]

HIPAA Security Rule – Addressable, not Optional!

HIPAA Security Rule offers just a little leeway Everyone complains that the HIPAA Security Rule is inconvenient— which it is— but it doesn’t mean you can break the security rules in your medical office […]

Will a Meaningful Use Audit Ruin Your Career?

Will Your Job Survive a Meaningful Use Audit? The Meaningful Use program can help offset technology costs or could cost your hospital or practice millions of dollars. It could also cost you […]

Save $1,699,900 with Encryption

Encryption is coming FAST… so don’t wait A state health department lost an unencrypted hard drive and paid a $1.7 million penalty. The health department would have saved $1,699,900 if it […]

Data Hides From Your Meaningful Use Risk Analysis

EHR SYSTEM THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG Many times during aMeaningful Use Risk Analysissomeone tells us that all of their electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) is in their EHR system. In over […]

Small Thumb Drive Brings Large HIPAA Penalty

My late uncle would not understand the latest HIPAA penalty for the loss of 2,200 patient records, which in his office were paper and would have weighed over 1,000 lbs. He was […]

"Even though I serve both as the county IT director and the HIPAA Security Officer, I would not have been able to identify some of the issues you uncovered. As an outside organization you were able to gather information objectively, and offer a perspective I could not have gotten using internal resources. Your certifications in HIPAA and Security enabled you to ask the right questions, and relate your findings directly to the HIPAA rules."
Ken Peaslee, Director, Information Technology
County of Steuben, NY