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HIPAA Compliant Data Access

HIPAA Compliant Data – Who Can Get to What, and Why Before you give your employees HIPAA compliant access to patient data you must do some planning. While it would be […]

New $400,000 HIPAA Penalty

Want to avoid a HIPAA penalty?  400,000 reasons to check your network security. Want to avoid a HIPAA penalty?Do you know… what a firewall is? the difference between a firewall […]

HIPAA Compliant E-mail: Myths & Facts

Understand What Constitutes HIPAA Compliant E-mail Every day I get questions about HIPAA compliant e-mail, and many days I see or hear something that leads healthcare organizations and their business […]

HIPAA Business Associate Myths & Facts

Make your vendors (HIPAA Business Associates ) accountable NOW, or pay a big price HIPAA Business Associatecompliance can spell big trouble for medical practices, because many practice managers have not […]

Make Training Easy to Avoid a HIPAA Penalty

A HIPAA Penalty Can Be Avoided Using Key  Online Tools and Training Technology can only go so far in protecting data and avoiding a HIPAA penalty, but your employees have […]

Do you have a Disaster Plan?

A Disaster Plan for You, Your Family, and Your Business Health care organizations need HIPAA disaster plans to comply with regulations and also because it is smart business. While disasters can happen anywhere and […]

HIPAA Compliant Practices Earn Meaningful Use Money

Being HIPAA Compliant is not a Snapshot in Time Meaningful Use requires you to protect patient data. Protecting patient information is like protecting patient safety; it is something you have […]

HIPAA Compliance and Meaningful Use Tech Tips

HIPAA Compliance Tech Tips Technical Requirements You May Not Understand HIPAA Compliance can be a mystery. It can be even more mysterious when you don’t understand technology. When you dig deep […]

STAT! Is Meaningful Use Trouble Under Your Network’s Skin?

Technology Tests for Meaningful Use Payments & HIPAA Compliance Every day doctors order labs, X-rays, MRI’s, ultrasounds, biopsies, endoscopies, and other tests to find out what is going on under a patient’s […]

Is Your Copier a Hidden HIPAA Risk?

Health plan pays $ 1.2 million for failure to recognize HIPAA risk Remember when copiers were simple—just paper in, copies out? Once they began scanning and faxing, copiers evolved not […]

"Even though I serve both as the county IT director and the HIPAA Security Officer, I would not have been able to identify some of the issues you uncovered. As an outside organization you were able to gather information objectively, and offer a perspective I could not have gotten using internal resources. Your certifications in HIPAA and Security enabled you to ask the right questions, and relate your findings directly to the HIPAA rules."
Ken Peaslee, Director, Information Technology
County of Steuben, NY