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MSPs/Cloud Services NOT Responsible for Clients’ HIPAA Compliance

WATCH THIS VIDEO TO LEARN ABOUT YOUR HIPAA LIABILITY MSP’s & Cloud Services are NOT Responsible for Your Clients’ HIPAA Compliance, BUT You Still Might Be At-Risk by Mike Semel […]

States Strengthen Data Breach Laws & Regulations

By Mike Semel Originally published by If your cyber security and compliance program is focused on just one regulation, like HIPAA or banking laws, many steps you are taking are […]

HIPAA Cloud Bursts

Published at New Guidance Proves Cloud Services Are Business Associates   It’s over. New guidance from the federal Office for Civil Rights (OCR) confirms that cloud services that store patient […]

BIG $$$ HIPAA Fines Carry BIG Messages! (updated)

7 Critical Lessons You Should Learn  By Mike Semel, August 17, 2016 The ‘HIPAA Police’ are on a rampage. In 2015 there were just over $ 6 million in penalties. […]

The 7 HIPAA Audit Items the Feds Selected

HIPAA Audits Have Begun & Will Your Business Associates Cause You to Fail?                 The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) announced today that […]

Security & Compliance are Executive Responsibilities

Kidnapped Hospital Data Was Probably Preventable By the time you read the ransom note it is too late for your patients/clients, your organization’s reputation, and maybe your career. But it […]

Dumb & Dumber 7 (Breaches, that is)

Health Plan Pays $ 10.3 million in HIPAA Penalties The HIPAA enforcement agency announced on November 30, 2015 that Triple-S Management of Puerto Rico settled for $ 3.5 million in penalties […]

The FTC is the New Sheriff in Town

Every Business Should Take Notice Don't believe “We’re from the government and we are here to help you.” After a data breach in 2006 the FTC settled with ChoicePoint for […]

Imagine Your Life if you Fail a HIPAA Audit

Prepare Now Because of Short Response Times Imagine your life if your organization fails a federal HIPAA audit. Last week those of us attending the HIPAA Security conference in Washington […]

Ignoring HIPAA Law Costly for Hospital

Employees Report Hospital to Federal Authorities Once you become aware of a HIPAA data breach it is not a good idea to sweep it under the rug, especially when that […]