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Breach of 4.5 million records— More Questions Than Answers

Still, there are lessons to be learned even for small organizations Community Health Systems’ (CHS) recent data breach of 4.5 million patient records brings up several questions. All of these […]

How a HIPAA Violation Became Malpractice

5 Myths & Facts every provider needs to know “I used HIPAA to establish the standard of care.  Though it might seem a semantic distinction, it is actually quite important […]

Does Your Business Associate Agreement Adequately Protect Patient Data?

Trust but Verify: Don’t Get a False Sense of Security from your Business Associates Two recent highly publicized data breaches illustrate the need for HIPAA Covered Entities to make sure […]

HIPAA Omnibus Starts 180-day Countdown to Compliance

New HIPAA Rules affect health care providers & many businesses that support them On March 23, 2013, the new HIPAA Omnibus Rules takes effect, requiring health care organizations to update their […]

Turn Your HIPAA Security Rule Compliance Around

HIPAA Security Rule Can No Longer Be Ignored Health care organizations that have ignored the HIPAA Security Rule; businesses that resist compliance programs; and companies that store data but argue […]

Don’t believe in HIPAA Compliant Products

Products Support HIPAA Compliance but may not be HIPAA Compliant Don’t believe in HIPAA Compliant Products…or other imaginary things. As the healthcare industry prepares for its largest gathering of health […]

Make Your Own HIPAA Deadlines

Make HIPAA Deadlines for Compliance Happen While there are various deadlines included in the 562-page HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule released in January, there are some HIPAA deadlines you should set for yourself […]

Treat Protected Health Information like gold

To secure Protected Health Information first get your people to respect it If you use your imagination you can get your workforce and management to understand the importance of Protected Health […]

How to Enforce the HIPAA Privacy Rule’s Minimal Necessary Access Requirements

Sharing patient information with others in your office can violate HIPAA Privacy Rule The Minimal Necessary requirement of the HIPAA Privacy Rule is a good example of how Administrative, Physical, and Technical Safeguards must all be […]

Can you PROVE you are HIPAA compliant?

HIPAA Compliant work requires detailed tickets and checklists Your Chief Information Officer (CIO) calls you in to say that the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office for Civil Rights (OCR) is […]