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Make Training Easy to Avoid a HIPAA Penalty

A HIPAA Penalty Can Be Avoided Using Key  Online Tools and Training Technology can only go so far in protecting data and avoiding a HIPAA penalty, but your employees have […]

HIPAA Compliant Practices Earn Meaningful Use Money

Being HIPAA Compliant is not a Snapshot in Time Meaningful Use requires you to protect patient data. Protecting patient information is like protecting patient safety; it is something you have […]

HIPAA Compliance and Meaningful Use Tech Tips

HIPAA Compliance Tech Tips Technical Requirements You May Not Understand HIPAA Compliance can be a mystery. It can be even more mysterious when you don’t understand technology. When you dig deep […]

STAT! Is Meaningful Use Trouble Under Your Network’s Skin?

Technology Tests for Meaningful Use Payments & HIPAA Compliance Every day doctors order labs, X-rays, MRI’s, ultrasounds, biopsies, endoscopies, and other tests to find out what is going on under a patient’s […]

Is Your Copier a Hidden HIPAA Risk?

Health plan pays $ 1.2 million for failure to recognize HIPAA risk Remember when copiers were simple—just paper in, copies out? Once they began scanning and faxing, copiers evolved not […]

Doc, HIPAA Compliance is Part of My Health Care

Why Doctors Should Care About HIPAA Compliance Every day I talk with doctors (or others who talk with doctors) and am told that HIPAA compliance is an unnecessary expense, proof […]

When is a Lawyer or Accountant a HIPAA Business Associate?

HIPAA Business Associate Role is Based on Services The question about a lawyer or an accountant being a HIPAA Business Associate is directly related to several sections of the HIPAA Security Ruleframework to protect […]

5 Steps for Staying HIPAA Compliant

Being HIPAA Compliant is a Journey So, September 23, 2013, the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule Enforcement Deadline, has come and gone, and you – the HIPAA Security Officer— are sitting back feeling […]

Huge HIPAA Data Breach & 2014 Audits

Avoid a Costly HIPAA Data Breach with a Risk Analysis Do you think that HIPAA is just some annoying and expensive government intrusion without any cause? Do you think that […]

HIPAA Business Associate Avoidance and Google Update

Yes you are a HIPAA Business Associate! It’s what the law says that counts! HIPAA Business Associate Avoidance The HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule (see page 5572) was announced in January, 9 months ago, […]