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“Your Medical Records Are For Sale on the Internet”

Health IT Alert: Windows Server 2003 End of Life “Why is the FBI here to see me?” you are wondering when you are told that there are two Special Agents […]

IT Security Experts: Look for Risk and Opportunity in the Security Shadow

    by Michelle Peterson, Friday, March 27, 2015-  Reprinted with Permission Data is a company’s most important asset, but many small and midsized businesses don’t know, care or have enough […]

Security By Walking Around

by Mike Semel When we think Cyber-Security we logically think about technology tools to block North Korean or Chinese hackers from breaking into our networks.  Those breaches make the news […]

RIP, Your HIPAA Rights Aren’t Buried With You

HIPAA Protects Your Privacy for 50 More Years By Mike Semel Just because you die your medical information isn't free for the taking. The HITECH Act of 2009 says that […]

Game Over, Windows XP Holdouts

HIPAA Penalty for Unpatched/Unsupported Software The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) that enforces HIPAA announced a $ 150,000 penalty for a health clinic data breach that was caused by the […]

Beware of Your Vendors

How Your Friends Can Hurt You If a friend gives you Ebola does it matter that you like him? Does it matter that you like your vendors, if their ignorance or […]

Health Care: The FBI and California Attorney General are Calling

  In April the FBI issued an alert to health care organizations warning that they were not as secure as they think they are. The biggest vulnerability was the perception […]

HIPAA Guidance for Same-Sex Marriages

  The HHS Office for Civil Rights has issued new guidance clarifying HIPAA and same-sex marriages as it relates to the disclosures of health information. Additional guidance is forthcoming as […]

September 2014 HIPAA Update

New HIPAA On-Site & Business Associate Audits Early this year the Office for Civil Rights announced that it would be conducing approximately 400 remote “desk audits” of HIPAA Covered Entities […]

“Doctor, During Your Physical We Found A Lump”

5 Ways to Prevent Hidden Risks I recently visited a medical practice to conduct a Meaningful Use Security Risk Analysis. They told me their EHR patient records were being backed […]